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Our Vision  /
To help traders unlock their full potential through personalized education, trustworthy analysis, and a supportive community.

Behind The Vision  /

Trading and investing are more popular than ever. Amidst the flood of get-rich-quick schemes, it's challenging to figure out what genuinely works. At VeroTrade, we're here to revolutionize the trader's journey. Through our dedicated team, members gain access to powerfully simple market analysis and embark on transformative personal journeys. We're not just about trading; we're about championing relentless improvement and paving the way for traders to consistently outperform the market.


Vero / Founder 

As the founder of VeroTrade, Vero carries with him a relentless 9-year journey in trading. His sharp analytical skills, combined with real-world trading experience, lay the foundation for the platform. While he's a guiding force behind VeroTrade, he always emphasizes that the heart of the platform beats strongest because of its dedicated community of members. Fueled by a deep passion for teaching the next wave of traders, Vero ensures that VeroTrade remains a shining light of knowledge and skill in the trading landscape.

DD / Technical Analyst

DD showcases a flexible approach in the world of trading, skillfully navigating both day and swing trading. He has a keen eye for spotting bullish breakout trades, backed by a strong foundation in technical analysis. DD often opts for both small and medium-sized positions, emphasizing careful and considered decision-making in his trades.

Paxton / Fundamental Analyst

With an eye for the unseen, Paxton is VeroTrade's go-to fundamental analyst. He delves deep, peering beyond the charts and into the intricate world of market undercurrents and hidden drivers. Paxton's extensive experience helps the team understand the stories behind the numbers, offering high-value insights into the info that others might overlook.


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